Choosing Your Ideal Eyewear: 3 Considerations

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While some individuals will always prefer contact lenses to eyeglasses, others embrace the older form of corrective lenses for cosmetic reasons. Designer eyewear can help express your personality and fashion sense while complementing your facial features and complexion, but only if you choose that eyewear wisely.

Before you leap at the first attractive eyeglass frames you see at your local luxury eyewear store, make sure you understand what properties and characteristics you should seek from your next pair of glasses. Pay special attention to the following three considerations.

1. Shape

Different designer eyewear shapes flatter different facial shapes and sizes, usually by providing a contrast to them. For instance, square or rectangular frames suit oval faces, while round or oval frames can soften the look of a square face. A diamond-shaped face may benefit from frames that emphasize the brow line.

Your corrective vision prescription may influence (or limit) your choice of frame style and shape. For instance, if you need progressive lenses, you should choose frames that offer plenty of room at the bottom of the lens to accommodate your near vision field. Frames with angular shapes can also reduce this critical field.

2. Color

Both your skin color and your hair color may influence your choice of eyeglass frame color. Fashion designers group these color variations into two main categories, cool and warm. Yellow or peachy skin tones qualify as warm, while olive skin qualifies as cool. Strawberry blonde hair counts as cool, while dark brown counts as warm.

Frame colors such as khaki, coral, red, copper, and gold all flatter warm skin and hair tones. If your look features a cool complexion or hair color, set off that coloration with blue, black, silver, magenta, or pink frames.

3. Style

Today's designer eyewear comes in a dizzying variety of styles. The selection of a particular style will depend not just on your personal preferences and personality, but also on the image you want or need to present to the world. You may even want to purchase more than one pair of eyeglasses to suit different circumstances.

If you want to depict yourself as a serious professional, stick to conservative colors, materials, and shapes, such as rectangular or oval lenses set in metallic frames. for a more creative, fun-loving look, consider bright colors, thick plastic frames, and unusual shapes such as teardrop or cat's eye configurations.

Once you've taken all of the above considerations into account, you can launch your search with confidence. Ask your optical specialist to point you toward the perfect designer eyewear for your needs and tastes.

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