Does Your Child Need Glasses? 4 Signs That They Might

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If your child is about to start school, it might be time for a vision exam. Some vision problems don't present themselves until children are in a classroom setting. Even if your child hasn't complained about their vision, they could still be experiencing problems. In fact, your child might not know they have a vision problem because they don't know what it's like to see clearly. If your child is having vision problems, they may be given you hidden signals, without even knowing it. Take a look at some of the signals your child may be sending.

Sitting Too Close to the Television

Does your child move close to the television to watch? If your child constantly moves closer to the television, they may have an undiagnosed vision problem. Watch to see if your child also holds books or toys up close to their face. If your child needs things to be close to their face, you should schedule a vision exam as soon as possible.

Constantly Rubbing Their Eyes

Eye rubbing is another common sign of vision problems, especially if your child isn't tired or ill. Vision problems can cause strain on the eyes, which can make them dry and irritated. As a result, your child may need to rub their eyes more often than normal. If your child is rubbing their eyes more than usual, it might be time for an eye exam.

Frequent Headaches with No Medical Reason

If your child is complaining about frequent headaches, it may be due to undiagnosed vision problems. The harder your child has to strain to focus on an object, the more strain it puts on the optic nerve. The result may be more frequent and more severe headaches.

If your child is experiencing frequent headaches, take them to their primary care physician to ensure it isn't a medical condition. Once you're sure it isn't a medical condition, contact your child's optometrist. Your child may have a problem with their eyes that will need to be corrected.

Squints to See Things

Squinting is another sign of vision problems. While most children make faces, if your child squints to see things, you should schedule an eye exam. Here's an easy way to see if your child has to squint to focus their eyes. You'll need index cards and a black marker.


  1. Write letters on index cards.

  2. Starting about 1' away, hold a card up and have your child identify the letter.

  3. Move another 1' away and have them identify the next card.

  4. Continue moving away until you're about 15' feet away.

  5. If you notice your child starts squinting, it's time to schedule an eye exam.

Now that your child is getting ready to start school, it's important that they have their eyes examined. Vision problems can interfere with your child's education. If you notice any of the signs listed above, you should schedule an appointment with a Blink Eyewear Optometrist in Calgary as soon as possible.