See Eye To Eye With These 3 Eyeglass Trends

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If you wear prescription eyeglasses every day, then you know that they are your most-worn accessory. With fall fashion upon us, you may think that the only clothes and accessoriesthat you should invest in are a big knit sweater and some new boots, but you should also consider getting some new prescription eyeglasses. 

Thick-Framed Glasses

If you want to really hop on the hipster train then you should consider thick, black, plastic rimmed eyeglasses. Large rimmed glasses may seem like a big leap for you because they do stand out, but they can also accentuate your eyes and your entire face. Plus, because they are unisex, they look nice on both men and women. And who doesn't want that Clark Kent kind of look? 

Wire-Framed Glasses

If there's one trend from the 80's and 90's that you may remember your parents wearing, it's large wire-framed glasses. And even though a few years ago people who wore these large, thin wire-framed eyeglasses were kind of looked on like nerds, this style of glasses is coming back into popularity right now. One of the fun things about these eyeglasses is that they can make a statement but without the large frames like thick-framed glasses. 

Round-Framed Glasses

Depending on your eye size and face shape, you may also want to consider round-framed prescription eyeglasses. This style of prescription eyeglasses is fun because they are trendy and stylish right now. Make sure, though, that you choose round-framed glasses that are not too overpowering because if they are, they may not complement your overall appearance. 

Finding out for the first time that you have to wear prescription eyeglasses may seem like a big drag, but once you realize that they are your most-worn accessory, then you can start having more fun with them. If you are starting to feel like your eyeglasses belong in the early 2000s, it may be time to consider one of the prescription eyeglass trends. During your initial consultation with your optician, you can try on all of these different types of frames to see which one best suits your face and overall appearance. Just make sure that when you find a pair of frames that fits your face that you feel confident in them as well. 

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